Official Report

The worldwide Catholic Charismatic Renewal gathered in Rome to celebrate its Golden Jubilee. More than merely a nostalgic look backwards, there was an anticipation for the days ahead. There was also a clearly ecumenical focus, initiated by Pope Francis himself!  Present on stage for the Saturday evening event with Pope Francis, were some of our protestant brothers and sisters. It was a visual picture of the ICCRS and Catholic Fraternity commitment to Ecumenism. The Golden Jubilee was described as both an historic and prophetic moment. The Renewal gathered to seek wisdom and the grace of God in order to live and work in a new season of Pentecost.

 Sadly, due to security concerns throughout Europe, Italian authorities did not grant visas to all our brothers and sisters.  We hope to share with them through the written word and social media, the fruit of this amazing event.

This was a celebration for the Universal Church. The involvement of the Holy Father gave a deep impression and accountability to the Church hierarchy throughout the World. To see and hear the voice of the Holy Father was very important particularly for those who have a lack of support from their local bishops or priests.

It was encouraging to see the Holy Spirit moving  powerfully in the hearts of Pilgrims.  People came looking  for a new dynamic and through the many diverse activities being offered, they found this dynamic. Some Pilgrims experienced the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit along with His gifts for the first time. Impromptu meetings occurred with the Holy Spirit causing opportunities to happen, in unexpected places. This was particularly evident with Pilgrims who, while initially disappointed in being unable to attend Mass at Saint Mary Major and St John Lateran, were moved to Praise and Worship of the Lord while waiting in line.




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